About Coaching

The word Coaching is not to be confused with the recent trend which, even though it has borrowed the name, has no relation with it. As opposed to advice, coaching is in fact an art and a science in the way it is based on the principal that each individual (or team) is his own expert. This premise completely gets away from what we have always been used to seeing – and believing.

The coach is an expert in coaching. Consequently he has no advice, no instruction, no answer to give.

What he knows how to do, is to thwart our belief programmes – which have the distinctive feature of being initially “invisible” – and also this well-known resistance to change (that we all have!). The goal? To further the act of giving birth to ideas, actions, sometimes of oneself.

The main tool of a coach, is him/herself. That’s why a coach has to be certified by a recognised professional association (ICF, EMCC, SR coach, etc.) in order to insure a high level of competence, as well as an irreproachable ethical code. To the same end, the coach must be supervised (in relation to his/her professional skills) and undergo therapy (in relation to his/her personal skills). And finally a continual learning process becomes obvious when one realises how mankind, as well as each science that deals with human development, is rapidly and constantly evolving.

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International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Advance the Art, Science and Practice of Professional Coaching

ICF is the most important association of professional coaches in the world. Some key elements:

  • Created in 1995
  • By spring 2015, more than 26’000 members in 128 countries
  • Around 350 members in Switzerland
  • Accreditation established for 12 years
  • Standards of quality guaranteed by an Code of Ethics to which each coach ICF adheres
  • Core Competencies assimilated and put into practice by all ICF
  • Cooperation with the largest associations of Coaching EMCC & AC and with SF Coach (France)

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