What makes the completion of an idea, a wish, a project difficult [even impossible]:

  • No time or resources
  • No idea of how to start, too complicated
  • Question of priorities

The pretexts to not do things are countless.

What are yours ?

A coaching? What for?

Each time you take to the road, you take the right road, certainly.

  • You know it so well! But …do you still really see it? And all that borders it?
  • And the traffic? The reaction of other drivers?
  • You have a GPS, nothing can go wrong.

Each time you take to the road, you take the right road. Or perhaps not.

A coaching process is just like an updating of your road maps. It allows you to re-evaluate your itinerary taking into consideration every change since the previous update. And then to decide which route to take. Today and now.

For whom

Anyone who:

  • has their life driving licence or who wishes to obtain it;
  • has decided that now , it’s high time to move forward!
  • is an expert in excuses for inaction;
  • is a believer in “yes, but”;
  • who doesn’t believe that cooperation for the achievement of their projects can be of value.

Not excluding, even those who are unaware that they are zebras.

Why not just by myself?

Have you ever tried to drive without a rear-view mirror ?

Sure, it’s possible. That said, it’s difficult, even dangerous. All those blind spots.

Besides, they’re not called blind spots without reason.

A coaching process is like a rear-view mirror. It allows you to see where you normally could not see. In that way you can take the blueprint that will make the rest of your journey comfortable and safe. As soon as you get it, the coach will disappear. With a rapid glance, you will be able to perceive what is happening in this blind spot. Thanks to this skill, the coast is clear to develop you career path.

How does it work?


  • Listen actively to your desires, needs, goals, projects, dreams;
  • Agree on a global objective coupled with concrete criteria which allow you to validate goal attainment.


  • Explore fully the relevant situation, map barriers and shortcuts;
  • Joint creation of actions – action being the best means to perceive once, twice and then permanently that “yes, it’s possible”;
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers and boost the engine;
  • New parameters are considered: the old way of doing things seems like a distant memory.


  • Co-create an action plan in order to bring these actions into existence despite possible hazard;
  • Then to make the process automatic so that the coach’s presence will become unnecessary as rapidly as possible.

How long does it take

The time that it takes to reach your destination. Two hours, six months. Sometimes the journey is pleasant, so springs the desire to stop for a coffee. Sometimes taking the freeway seems to be the best and…. Bam ! There is a traffic jam. Sometimes goes without a hitch.

There is no charge for the first evaluation session. If we decide to make the journey together, we will map out an initial route: 6 stages (1 to 2 hours) with an intermediate assessment at the end of the third stage is a possible example. Everything depends on your ultimate goal (and surprises that may occur).

Let yourself be inspired :

Professional or personal coaching

  • (Re)giving meaning
  • Do what reflects who we are
  • To find oneself (again)
  • Use one’s intuition
  • Developpe emotional intelligence
  • Establish positive communication
  • Improve one’s performance
  • Develop leadership skills
  • To bring about greater efficiency
  • To progress in your career

In company coaching

Individual Coaching of employees/of managers

  • A management style that is relevant and efficient
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Performance management

Team coaching (to maximise smooth running)

  • Identification of team dynamics
  • Satisfaction and pleasure (who has what to gain)
  • Communication
  • Cohesion and synergy
  • Conflict management

Improvisational theatre coaching

Improvisational theatre, as a mirror or as a playing field accessible to everyone, is a powerful means to move ahead. Without even realising it.

But this approach doesn’t give the impression of being serious!?

And yet, the court jester also known as the fool, was a man who had a highly skilled mind. He used theatrical to hold out an uncompromising mirror. The sovereign in this way saw a means to be challenged, permeated with wisdom, that he could accept thanks to the hilarious performance.

What seriousness turns off, play turns on.

  • The most important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one's work seriously and taking one's self seriously. The first is imperative and the second disastrous.
    Margot Fonteyn

Playfullness activities in the true sense of the word is a multi-level learning process. It puts into action all at the same time different parts of the brain, the body, the heart, watchfulness, memories and perceptions. And if we decided not to confuse game with game to make giant leaps together?

Coaching for coaches

Does a shoemaker not need new shoes from time to time? Does a dentist not need another dentist sometimes?

Today, I put 10 years experience and research into coaching at the service of other coaches.

Just as myself work with excellent coaches.

Because we all deserve it.

Coaching possibilities available

  • Resolution coaching: overcome and resolve a problem;
  • Direction Coaching: Find your way forward (further studies, personal and professional life choices);
  • Decision Coaching: making an important decision ( making a life or career choice, taking a risk);
  • Development coaching: achieve lasting self-fulfilment and to have in-depth guidance in developing human and interpersonal skills, in harmony with your personality;
  • Integration Coaching: active adaption to a new personal or professional situation or a different cultural environment;
  • Team Coaching: improving the smooth running of a team, resolving a conflict (open or simmering ; rebuild co-operation.

(source © PAI Coaching Ways)