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I have been a certified coach for over 10 years and I myself am a multi-faceted zebra ( For me, coaching has been a way of life rather than a thing I do. All the roles I perform are imprinted with this life philosophy that I apply to myself first and foremost, and that I use to enable projects I am involved in and people I work with to reveal their potential.

The coaching method I practice is a direct outcome of Socratic Method. The origin of this “art” dates back 2,400 years. Indeed, coaching has nothing to do with counselling, consulting, training or mentoring in that it is based on the premise that the client has the knowledge. As coach, my objective is to set aside what applies to me so as to help my client know what applies to him, in other words, to help my client give birth on his own. Coaching is therefore far from media coaching that dictates what one should do: it is in fact quite the opposite!

Through my numerous trainings and professional experiences, I have accumulated an array of instruments; and I inspire myself with these to create new customized tools. Applying a template as though it could be universal generates, I believe, a big probability of incompatibility: based on my experience, nothing is more appropriate than taking into account characteristics distinctive to each person and each situation.

Lastly, as a member of the Board of ICF Switzerland since January 2015, responsible primarily for marketing and communication, I am particularly committed to actively contributing to the professionalization and recognition of the coaching trade.

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  • I would define Martine Corthésy as a kind of ‘Mary Poppins’.   You open the door of your hazy projects and through her your ideas become clearer, things that seemed impossible just happen, as if by magic. She helped me set boundaries to my goals and she guided me through the realisation of my projects down to the smallest detail with astounding efficiency. I would recommend Martine Corthésy to anyone who needs to have by his or her side a coach that is competent, efficient, friendly, straightforward, realistic and discreet.   Nyon, 14.04.2013
    Sylvie Rutschmann HillDirector of the Dalcroze Eurhythmics & Solfege School in Nyon