Zebri the Zebra is perceived by those around him as a distinctly strange animal. From the outside, people would say that everything is easy for him, while on the inside he feels completely on the wrong track. One of his main distinctive features probably lies in the fact that he doesn’t understand how he understands all that he does understand. Neither why other people don’t seem to understand things in the same way he does. And even less why they seem to be mad at him because of that. Moreover, how can he deal with that incessant wave of sensations, emotions and information? The number of stripes is only equalled by the number of thoughts per minute that burst forth from his zebra brain. And it doesn’t stop there: each piece of information communicates with a cluster of other information, at many different levels.

Just imagine the real state of his communication with the outside world. And his interior world…

All of this creates anger inside Zebri the Zebra: couldn’t his life be just a little smoother?

Here, if he wishes, Zebri the Zebra can find coaching or a mentor, in relation to his needs and desires. He will be welcomed by a Zebra, for whom one of her deepest reasons for being is to blend his stripes with those of other untameable, in order to move ahead together on a path that will be more fun than dreadful, in this brilliant savannah.

Here is some food for thought to start with.